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Project 3
A company that has a distributed activity in many points of work.
It is neccesary to insert and prepare the data from the client in every point of work and the decisions concerning each customer are taken at a central point by managers with different levels of priority. These decisions are automatically communicated to the working points with special indications.
Client-server application, web based.
Multi-client application
It takes the data manually inserted by the costumer or from special memory devices, organizes it in a specific format and sends it via a secure ftp connection to the server. The application has a specific graphical interface.
Server application
It creates the MS SQL data base, which is filled with the information received from the multi-client application. It contains a module of administration and priority allocation to the client applications. It converts and prepares the data to be used by the web application.
Web application
It displays and allows the visualization of the requested data in a special format to a server application. The possibility to insert and edit parts of the data base is also implemented.
Visual Studio 2005 C#, ASP.NET, communication FTP.