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European Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship, Juniors and Masters, 27th-28th of June, 2009, Baia Mare represents a success of the Romanian sport, especially of the bodybuilding and fitness and has a symbolic value in the international relationship of this sport branch. SOTEC Software SRL is proud with it's contribution, by sponsoring the offered trofees and by the help given in the organizing of the competition.
For the achievements, the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) gives the bronze medal to the company representative, mr Raica Marius.
Raica Marius Sotec team

Romanian men and women has presented in a good shape and have achived 12 individual medals and the 1st place at Teams. The Romanian national team is the European Champion 2009 and SOTEC Software SRL has managed to contribute at this acievement. We present you some images from the competition, for obtaining more informations and other images, we invite you to also follow